Where to Get a Teacup Yorkie

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teacup yorkiesThe trend these days when it comes to small dogs is the teacup variety. A lot of people prefer these kinds of dogs for various reasons; one of which is the cuteness of the small dog. One popular breed is the Yorkshire Terrier, otherwise known as the Yorkie. A teacup Yorkie for sale will be sold in just a few days, hours even, especially if this comes from a reputable breeder for teacup maltipoo. This is one of the key things that future pet owners need to consider when getting a pet; where is the pet from.

Pet Stores

While pet stores can carry a variety of animals from different sources, they are not so careful when it comes to choosing the source of their merchandise. Many pet stores buy from cheap sources to make a profit and some of the animals that they sell, especially dogs which are trendy, may not be bred properly. Puppy mills supply most pet stores and puppy mills do not care about the health and welfare of their breeder dogs. They just care about the quick turnaround of the puppies. This eye on the prize attitude may jeopardize the health of the parent dog as well as the puppies.

Reputable Breeders

Reputable breeders care for their dogs, and when they have a teacup Yorkie for sale, they usually let this be known through good connections. Most breeders have a standard for their puppies, and this may be one reason why their dogs may not be as small as those that come from puppy mills. Good breeders care about the health of the dogs, and they will not risk making them too small. They will try to breed them according to the standard when it comes to choosing the parent dogs.


Believe it or not, some trendy teacup dogs may end up in shelters. This is because a lot of people who want to have a trendy dog may have the wrong expectations from their pets. These people soon find out that caring for a small dog and a large dog are highly similar, and it is just the size that differs. All dogs need a certain degree of exercise and attention. Just because the animal is small does not mean that it will just stay there and do nothing. It will still need to be walked, need to relieve itself and may need regular grooming.

Pet owners who did not expect this may give up their dogs and that is how some end up in shelters. Although the animal is not really a teacup Yorkie for sale, it is still available for adoption. There are some fees that need to be paid and the people who run shelters usually want to make sure that the dog goes to a good home where it can be cared for and loved.

These are three of the most common places that you might buy or get a teacup Yorkie. If you see one in a pet store, make some inquiries about its origin to make sure that the dog doe snot have any congenital diseases or disorders. Reputable breeders can also show you the parents of the dog, so you know just how big it might get. Dogs from shelters are actually the best ones to get because these have been checked by the vet as well as assessed for its behavior.

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  • Peyton December 16, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    I was lucky enough to find my Bella in my local shelter and she’s the best dog ever! I had another Yorkie before her – which we bought her for a lot of money, unfortunately she passed away last spring – so I was already familiar with the breed. The seconds I laid my eyes on her I knew she will be mine, it was love at first sight. She got used to the new surroundings pretty fast and despite our worries, she’s well liked by our cat too.

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