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Yorkie For Sale: Factors Affecting The Price

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yorkieIf you want to sell or buy a Yorkie, you may be eager to know the price of this breed. Yorkshire Terrier is an expensive breed, and a reputable breeder can charge a price, which can range from $800 – $10,000 for each pup. Yorkies belong to the toy group. Therefore, female Yorkies typically whelp only 1-4 puppies at a time. If you are looking for Yorkie for sale, you must be aware of different elements that play in the pricing strategy of Yorkie breeds.

If a dog is purebred, his/her lineage must be documented through a recognized breed registry. American Kennel Club (AKC) is the most popular, reputable and well-known dog registry in the US. Though lots of other registries are available, they are not selective as AKC. You can see lots of ‘Yorkie for sale’ ads throughout the country. However, if you want to get a pedigreed Yorkie, AKC registered puppy is the best option. Though they are the most expensive puppies, they are healthy and loving companions too. The cost of purebred Yorkie with AKC registration depends on various factors. However, on average, AKC licensed breeders can charge around $1200 to $1500 or higher per puppy. Besides, most breeders may request a non-refundable deposit during the application process, which can range from $200-$300.

The $10,000 price tag may be unbelievable for you. But this price tag is associated with the most elite bloodlines, which will be used in championships or show dog in most exclusive competitions.

Cost of Yorkies without Papers

The price of the breed is the best way to spot a backyard breeder. As mentioned earlier, the price of AKC registered puppies is very high. But, the price of backyard breeders range on the lowest end. They are also willing to negotiate on price if the sale is likely. However, it is better to go with a reputable breeder even if you want to purchase a pet without papers. Yorkies are prone to many health problems, so you must ensure to purchase a healthy puppy. If you want to purchase a Yorkie in affordable price and wish to avoid disreputable breeders, you can consider rescuing a Yorkie. Respected rescue and adoption organizations charge only an adoption fee, which can range from as low as $100 to $800. Though rescue organizations can give dogs away to good homes, they have to cover the operating costs, supplies, and facilities.

Factors Affecting Yorkie Price

Heritage of the Yorkie is the most prominent price determining factor. Gender also has a greater influence on the price. Typically, the price of female Yorkie will be more than males because of higher demands. Mostly, people prefer females for breeding.

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AKC recognizes only 4 color combinations and the coat must be fine, glossy and silky in texture. If the coat of your puppy is coarser, then, Yorkie for sale can be a less expensive price. However, the locks of your puppy would be the envy of Hollywood celebrities. Size is the other determining factor of the price of a Yorkie. Breeders prefer to sell smaller Yorkies for a higher price because of higher demand. If you want to participate in events like agility courses, higher end Yorkies can be a better option.

You may see lots of ads online, “Yorkie for sale” for free or puppies that cost only a couple of hundred dollars. These dogs are very sick or may be part of a scam operation. A healthy, AKC registered, breed standard Yorkie will never be free. Therefore, you must do extensive research before making a purchase. Owning any pet is a lifetime commitment of grooming, food, vet bills, training, toys, vaccinations, and other costs. So, you should not consider the initial cost of purchasing your Yorkie, but you must be able to fulfill the needs of your dog lifelong.