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Maltipoo Rescue: Why A Puppy Will Bring Sunshine Into Your Heart

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maltipoo rescueIf you have been thinking about adopting a puppy but somehow still have doubts whether it would be the right decision, then maybe the following scientifically-proven benefits can help you make up your mind. According to these scientific findings, having a puppy at home isn’t just adding another responsibility on your daily schedule, but there are actually a lot of benefits that a dog can bring in life. Want to know what they are? Read on!

Improve your mood

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up to a friendly face with a wagging tail. A puppy can improve your mood from the moment you wake up. Science has proven that spending time playing with a pup could increase the serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, which will make you feel calm, relaxed and happy.

A dog can encourage you to have a healthier lifestyle

Dogs need their daily exercise to channel their energy or they might develop some negative behaviors. When you take your dog outside for his exercise, that means you will be doing some exercises too.

Dogs are excellent alert and service animals

Dogs can detect alarming health conditions like an approaching epileptic seizure for example. you can also train your dog to bring medication and do other stuff. A dog can be a great companion for disabled people.

Dogs are fantastic security guards

Since puppyhood, dogs have started to be aware of everything around them and used to guarding the premises. Even a very small dog can help you guard your place, at least to give you a warning when there’s a threat.

A dog can make you become a better individual

It has been scientifically proven that a dog can make you a better person. A dog can improve your sense of patience, selflessness, responsibilities, as well as commitment of having a dog that will make you stronger over time.

You can reduce the risk of having a cardiovascular disease

Talking and petting your puppy will lower your blood pressure, and that means you have a lesser risk to get cardiovascular diseases.

Dogs make children less susceptible to allergies and other skin conditions

Growing up with a dog in the family can make children less susceptible to various allergies and skin problems like eczema. Additionally, children will also become less likely to be affected with various kinds of pet allergies.

You can recover much quicker when you got sick

Dog owners averagely can recover from illnesses much quicker compared to those who don’t own a dog. There’s even a more staggering fact in cases of heart attack. Dog owners who suffered from heart attacks were more likely to fully recover compared to those who don’t have dogs with 2:1 comparison.

Children have higher school attendance

As strange as it sounds, this is scientifically true. You might think that children will love their dogs so much that they just want to play with them all day and miss school, but that’s not true. The fact is, children from families that own dogs have better school attendance. This is probably because they have better overall health and don’t get sick easily.

Children have higher self-esteem

A child’s self-esteem could be influenced by many factors, and having a dog is actually one of them. Growing up with a dog somehow makes children develop higher confidence among other things that help them become better human beings.

A dog can be your best friend

A friend will make your life more complete, by having a dog you will have a best friend for life that will be very loyal to you and love you unconditionally no matter what. Sometimes a dog can be better than your human friend. Even though it’s also important for you to relate with other humans, having a dog as your best friend always has its benefits. We have heard many remarkable stories about the loyalty of a dog, these are not RinTinTin or Lassie stories, but real life dog stories, like Bobbie the wonder dog, for example, who traveled more than 2,800 miles away to find his owner.

Dogs can improve your social interactions ability

Dogs need to interact with other dogs, that’s why dog owners usually take their dogs to a dog park. When their dogs interact with other dogs, usually the owners also have a chance to interact with the other owners as they watch their dogs. Have you ever walked around with a cute puppy? If you haven’t, then you will be surprised of how many new people you can interact with just because they’re attracted to your puppy.

Life is always interesting

There’s never a dull moment at home when you have a dog. There are always some silly things they do that can entertain you. If you’re bored, you can think of thousands of different activities you can do with your dog. The best thing is, a dog will always say yes to your ideas of fun.

Dogs can detect cancer!

Shocking, but this is real. Dogs seem like having the ability to smell cancer in human bodies. There are many stories about dogs who continuously sniffed or licked certain areas on their human bodies and after a while those people were diagnosed to have cancer on those exact areas. In fact, today many dogs have been trained to detect cancer in just three hours.

You can have a stress-free life

Okay, maybe not completely stress-free because that would be quite impossible. But at least by having a dog, even if you’re living alone, no girlfriend, away from family, no friends yet in a new city, you can always play with your dog to relieve your stress. A lot of studies have proven that dogs can effectively reduce stress, maybe that’s why there’s a growing trend nowadays in workplaces to allow employees bringing their dogs to work.

Yes, it takes responsibilities to bring home a puppy, but in return you can enjoy all the above benefits. So what are you waiting for? Go get a puppy and change your life!


How do I take care of the dog after a Maltipoo rescue?

Americans loves owning pets and around 10% of the current American population have more than three dogs in their homes. Some of these dogs have been rescued and live in the 3500 animal shelter homes around the country. If you are a pet owner it would be great if you could bring a Maltipoo dog into your home from a Maltipoo rescue home. However before you bring the dog home understand what care guidelines it needs on a daily basis.

Maltipoo RescueCare Guidelines

•    When you adopt a Maltipoo dog, you have to understand that you have to keep the dog inside. Unlike other dog breeds, this dog cannot stay in a kernel outside during the night or even in a garden patio.

•    These dogs are cute feisty dogs which require tactical handling by their owners. If they are young they have to be trained especially to control their barking. Here you could use the help of a professional dog trainer or train them yourself using simple techniques of play and reward system.

•    If you do not have an active lifestyle, it would be best not to invest in them. A bored Maltipoo dog can be quite troublesome. In fact they are happy when you take them out for walks daily, play with them and undertake minimum 15 minutes of exercise regime daily with them.  The simple ball fetching game is something they love.

•    When undertaking a Maltipoo Rescue you have to understand that this dog breed is very sensitive to its surroundings. Thus if you stay in an apartment or residential area which has strict noise restrictions, it would be best not to take them. Most of the time they have to be trained to control their barking.

Do they have a special diet?

Maltipoo dogs are fed two main meals a day. The quantity of food you feed them daily would depend on certain factors. These factors could be age, size, daily level of activity and current metabolism of the dog’s body. It’s best to invest in a good dog food which would supply him with the basic nutrients that his active body needs.

How do you ensure that he enjoys a good top coat?

Maltipoo dogs do not shed much dander and have a soft woolen top coat. The texture of the hair could be curly or wavy in nature. Most Maltipoo dogs are available in common colors like white, cream and silver. You would need to brush the top coat of the dog daily and wash him once a month.  The hair needs trimming. Here the ears of the dog should also be cleaned to prevent any infection from settling in.

What are the other hygiene tips?

Like other pet dogs, your Maltipoo dog needs his nails to be clipped and maintained well. He also needs his teeth to be brushed at least thrice a weak. This would prevent bacteria formation in his mouth.

Now that you understand the care guidelines well, welcome the lovely Maltipoo dog into your household and make a best friend for a lifetime.

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