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How Much To Feed A Multi Poo

How Much To Feed A Multi PooWhen it comes to the proper feeding of a Multi Poo, sometimes dog owners get confused about the proper amount of food should be given during feeding times. There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when deciding on the proper feeding pattern of your Poo, first you need to consider about the age of your dog as follow:

2-3 Months – This is when the puppy has just been weaned and starts to eat solid food. At this point your poo should be free-fed, or in other words you need to make sure there’s always fresh food available at all times.

3-12 Months – At these ages the Multi Poo would need more food with a regular schedule. You should provide 3 meals per day, plus some healthy dog treats. These healthy treats could be given in between meals and during dog training as rewards.

Older Than 12 Months – You could change the feeding schedule from 3 meals per day to just 1 meal per day around dinnertime or 2 meals per day, which is more recommended, at breakfast time and dinnertime. Please note that if you choose to give 2 meals per day it doesn’t mean you should double the daily portion, instead you can break the food into two equal parts.

Some other considerations are including activity level, metabolic rate, health condition and size. So the proper portion would be different for each dog.

However, as a general guideline, for a puppy you can give an ounce of food for each pound of his or her weight. For an adult Multi Poo, you can give ½ – ¾ ounces of food for each pound of his or her weight. You should also remember that some dog foods have more calories than others, so that will determine the proper amount as well. Usually a growing puppy requires 40-55 calories for each pound of body weight, while an adult Multi Poo will need about 38-45 calories for each pound of body weight.