Pros and Cons of Adopting a Puppy

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Puppies are adorable and could be a great companion, that’s why a lot of people love them. But actually not all of these puppy lovers have their own puppies. That’s because having a puppy takes a lot of responsibilities that not everyone is ready for. So, if you’re thinking about having a puppy, it’s best for you to first consider the pros and cons before you go to one of the Humane Society’s animal shelters to get a puppy.


1. Whatever the breed of your puppy, be it a Cockapoo, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Pugs, puppies are cute, adorable and playful, these are definitely a plus.

2. Everyone loves puppies. You won’t believe how many new people you will meet because of your Yorkshire Terrier or Cocker Spaniel puppy. Besides, they could easily attract the ladies.

3. Most dogs only live for 10+ years, so having a puppy means you will spend a longer time with your pet.

4. You can create a strong bond from the early age.

5. You have more time to train your pet. It’s easier to shape a dogs behavior when he’s still at a young age.


1. You have to be extra patient with puppies, because they’re like babies who often do things that they’re not supposed to.

2. Indoor training could be difficult and quite stressful, you will be doing a lot of cleaning in the beginning.

3. It could be expensive. Puppy food, treatments, toys, and beddings are not cheap.

4. Get ready to find some holes on your furniture or shoes.

5. You should always spare your time for your French Bulldog puppy to train him, give him exercise and play. Puppies have a lot of energy and they will go crazy if you don’t keep them busy with positive activities.

So do you think you’re ready for that kind of responsibility? If you do, then it’s time to go to the shelter and take that Dachshund or Labradoodle puppy home.

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  • Anne December 16, 2015 at 6:11 pm

    The biggest downside I can think of right now is the constant chewing when they’re teething. Our Trix went through endless shoes, cables and wires, furniture legs, stuffed toys, and even clothing, especially gym hoodies. You have to be patient and just get rid of any important stuff you might have lying on the floor or at her reach.

  • michelle December 18, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    I rescued maltipoo a year ago and I absolutely love him and would like to get him a playmate. It would be coming to a loving home and cared for to the extreme.

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