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Yorkies for Sale!

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yorkiesFor all those of you looking to invest in one of the most sought after breed in the world, we’ve got some Yorkies for sale. These little wonders are among the most popular dog breeds across the globe – and for good reason. So here is a compilation of all that is wonderful and lovable about these adorable pets.

They are small, extremely friendly, and utterly loyal. For those of you who are allergic to fur but love dogs nonetheless, here is some great news – Yorkies have hair, not fur. Moreover, this doesn’t shed either, but it does tend to fall, like all out hair does – especially when bathing. Their hair can grow up to the floor and should be straight all the way through in order to prevent hampering their movement. While this little breed is frequently classified among the ‘toy’ group, Yorkshire terriers are, as the name suggests, terriers. That’s because they have a keen sense of smell and were originally known for hunting small game. In fact, they were also called ‘ratters’ at once point because of their ability to hunt mice. Today, this can be seen in their love for squeaky toys instead.

While, on the upper end, a Yorkie puppy could cost you a tremendous $2000, most of them are available at a more reasonable $600-750. However, if you come across the considerably cheaper options of under $500, let this be a red flag. Dogs at that price normally come with medical issues – so what you don’t pay in their purchase is usually made up for in the consistent vet visitations.

Therefore, whenever you see Yorkies for sale, ensure that you’ve connected with the breeder, done all your background checks, and more to ensure that you’re purchasing from a reliable source. After all, their smaller stature already disposes them to various little problems. For example, their tinier size means that in the case of health issues, they need to be rushed to the vet immediately, unlike larger dogs. So stay vigilant instead and avoid future problems.

These little tykes are sure to win your hearts. Energetic and curious, they can be incredibly smart as well. While they love jumping around, snuggling in cuddly pillows or cuddling in laps is their second favorite activity. Consequently, their little size and compassionate nature makes them great therapy dogs and can also help shy little children gain confidence.

But if you are planning on investing in one of the Yorkies for sale, there are some things to keep in mind. For one, they will require regular grooming, and for another, they aren’t ideal for homes with young children. The Yorkie’s smaller size means that they have weaker bones, which doesn’t prepare them for childhood mischief.

Instead, older kids and adults make great companions. Also, always be extra careful when outdoors – their tinier build makes them easy targets for larger birds of prey. But if you think this would make them terrified of the world, you’ve got it wrong. When threatened, they are known to boldly stand up against animals up to 10 times their size! Loyalty is a crucial ingredient of being a Yorkie, so even if you do end up paying a little extra for these precious companions, it is definitely worth every dime.


Possible Eye Problem in a Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Cocker Spaniel PuppyGetting a puppy is a big decision, because it takes a huge responsibility. You need to be responsible for your puppy’s health and wellbeing. So besides you need to make sure that your puppy has enough food, love and affection, you also need to be aware about any health problem that may occur.

Different breeds of puppies usually have different specific health problems that you should be concern about. For a Cocker Spaniel, one of the main possible health issues is the eye problem. There are several eye problems that can occur in your Cocker Spaniel puppy that can be quite serious and might even lead to blindness. It’s important for you to recognize the symptoms of these problems as early as possible to avoid any terrible consequences.

Here are some of the most common eye problems that could happen to your Cocker Spaniel:


This is a condition when the bottom eyelid of the puppy rolls inward, so the hair will rub against the eyeball. It will cause a terrible irritation on the eye and has to be fixed through surgery.


Distichia is an abnormal hair that grows from the oil glands found in the eyelid. This condition also causes a terrible irritation on the eyeball making it red or inflamed.

Cherry Eye

Cocker Spaniel has a third eyelid that contains a tear gland to protect the eye. Sometimes it could burst out of its normal position and appears like a red swelling. This condition also requires a surgery.


When there is an unusual amount of pressure within the eye, this condition might occur. This condition can lead to blindness if not treated properly. The symptoms include pain, sensitivity to light, protruding eyeball and red eyes.


Commonly known as pink eye usually caused by allergic to pollens or grasses, or could also caused by a fungal infection.


Yorkshire Terrier – A Tiny Puppy With Huge Charisma

Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terriers or also known as Yorkies are one of the most popular toy dogs in the world. With their tiny body and cute face, everyone just loves them. Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect type of puppy if you live in a small home or apartment, they don’t need a lot of space because they’re so small. Many people even use them as accessories by carrying them in a bag.

They’re so charismatic in nature, that’s why they always attract a lot of attentions wherever you go. However, don’t let their size and cuteness fool you, because Yorkshire Terrier is actually a very brave puppy. If they notice some threats they will never back down. They will not hesitate to show a defensive attitude whenever necessary. But that’s not because they’re naturally ferocious, they just have a good instinct to protect their territory and their human companions. That’s why Yorkshire Terrier is known to be a very loyal breed.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy owners sometimes feel a little disturbed with their noisy attitude. This is because Yorkshire Terrier has a keen sense of hearing, so they frequently pick up sounds that they think as a possible intrusion. Being a loyal puppy, a Yorkshire Terrier will try to warn his owner and that’s why they bark a lot. But don’t worry because they’re actually pretty smart, so you just need to be patient and with continual training, your puppy will no longer be too noisy all the time.

This breed is also very popular as the dog show breed, because they often become the pride of various dog shows and contests. However, grooming them for this purpose might require you to spend a lot of money and you should also hire a professional to train them.