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How To Get Your Puppy To Stop Biting

How To Get Your Puppy To Stop BitingPuppy biting is one of the most common issues new dog owners must deal with. It’s perfectly normal for puppies to bite and it doesn’t necessarily indicate an aggressive behavior, that’s just the way they explore their world. Puppies also bite when they play with other puppies and people. However, sometimes they bite too hard because they don’t know that people have more sensitive skin, or they might develop an excessive biting behavior.

Fortunately this behavior could be stopped with proper training, here are a few things you can do to stop your puppy from biting:

Do not hit – It’s actually quite normal if you hit something that causes you pain by reflex, but you should try very hard to control your reflex and do not hit your puppy when he or she bites you. Unfortunately, some owners even hit their puppies intentionally as a punishment, now that’s just plain cruel. Aside from being cruel, hitting your puppy will only trigger an aggressive behavior and might lead to other issues as the puppy grows up.

Do not encourage the puppy to bite – Mostly this is done unintentionally, but some owners often involve their puppies in activities that actually encourage them to bite. These activities include chasing, wrestling, playing tug of war, or other aggressive games.

Give your puppy a chew toy – Puppies often bite things because of their instinct when they’re teething. So rather than letting them chew on your furniture or your fingers, give them a chew toy. Whenever your puppy bites something say stop and give him the chew toy.

Let the puppy knows that biting is wrong – Make an “ouch” noise whenever your puppy bites and walk away. After several times your puppy will know that it’s not a tolerable behavior.

Enroll the puppy in a dog training class – An obedience class works most of the times to stop any bad behavior of a puppy, including biting.


Blood In Puppy Stool

blood in puppy stoolBlood in your puppy stool could be an indication of a serious health condition and you should ideally take the pup to a vet immediately. However, it’s always helpful if you can understand what’s really going on with your puppy before you consult with a vet.

Some possible causes of blood in your puppy stool are:

Worm – Dogs are quite vulnerable when it comes to worm-related diseases. Hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms are some types of worms that can cause minor to serious health problems on your puppy.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – often known as Colitis, this is usually caused by inflammation and irritation in the intestine. but it can also caused by the infestation of whipworms or change in diet. Besides blood you will also find mucus in the stool.

Chronic Diarrhea – There are many things that can cause this condition, including pancreatic disease, cancer, viral infections, parasitic infections, intestinal blockages, and many more.

Viruses – Two of the most common viruses that can cause blood in your puppy stool are Parvovirus and Coronavirus.

Giardiasis – This condition is caused by some kind of a bacteria that attacks the intestines.

Bowel Obstruction – Sometimes a puppy eats something that’s not food and causing a blockage within the digestive system. This will cause irritation that leads to bloody stools.

Colon Cancer – It’s usually showing the same symptoms as IBS, but also accompanied with weight loss.

Liver Disease – This disease is affecting the production of proteins that promote blood clotting, sometimes it would lead to bloody stools.

What you should do when you find blood in your puppy stool is to collect the stool sample in a plastic bag then call your vet to set an appointment and get your pup checked. In most cases, this condition can be easily treated, so there’s no reason to panic, just make sure your puppy can get a proper treatment right away.


Yorkshire Terrier – A Tiny Puppy With Huge Charisma

Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terriers or also known as Yorkies are one of the most popular toy dogs in the world. With their tiny body and cute face, everyone just loves them. Yorkshire Terrier is the perfect type of puppy if you live in a small home or apartment, they don’t need a lot of space because they’re so small. Many people even use them as accessories by carrying them in a bag.

They’re so charismatic in nature, that’s why they always attract a lot of attentions wherever you go. However, don’t let their size and cuteness fool you, because Yorkshire Terrier is actually a very brave puppy. If they notice some threats they will never back down. They will not hesitate to show a defensive attitude whenever necessary. But that’s not because they’re naturally ferocious, they just have a good instinct to protect their territory and their human companions. That’s why Yorkshire Terrier is known to be a very loyal breed.

Yorkshire Terrier puppy owners sometimes feel a little disturbed with their noisy attitude. This is because Yorkshire Terrier has a keen sense of hearing, so they frequently pick up sounds that they think as a possible intrusion. Being a loyal puppy, a Yorkshire Terrier will try to warn his owner and that’s why they bark a lot. But don’t worry because they’re actually pretty smart, so you just need to be patient and with continual training, your puppy will no longer be too noisy all the time.

This breed is also very popular as the dog show breed, because they often become the pride of various dog shows and contests. However, grooming them for this purpose might require you to spend a lot of money and you should also hire a professional to train them.

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