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How Big Will A Maltipoo Get?

How Big Will A Maltipoo GetBasically Maltipoo is a small size dog, however there is actually no official standard size of this breed published by large canine clubs like the AKC, so right now the size of the Maltipoo might vary. Usually the size of adult Maltipoo dogs range between 5-12 lbs, and the height will range from 8-14 inches.

Estimating the final adult size of a Maltipoo could be quite tricky, especially if you’re looking at a puppy as young as 2-3 months old, because at this stage the growth could jump at a staggering rate several times with some resting phases. But if you’re really curious, you can estimate by taking the size of your 4 months old Maltipoo pup and double that number, the final adult size usually will be 1-2 pounds higher or lower from that final number.

Normally you will see the final adult size when the Maltipoo has reached the age of 12 months, because at that point a Maltipoo will stop growing, and the 1-year mark is indicating the transition from puppy to adulthood.

In the first 2 months period after birth, the growth rate will be quite slow, but after 2 months usually you will see some quick jump of weight gains several times for a few months. At this point, a Maltipoo pup could even gain a half-pound in only a few weeks. Then there are also some resting phases when you won’t see any weight gain. Sometimes the dog just grows in height but the weight gain comes later and makes the dog looks skinny for some time. This is perfectly normal but new owners usually worry because they think the dog is sick. So when it comes to growth, the first 12 months will be a bit like a roller coaster.