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How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder


How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder

How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder

What you need to know about the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most sought after dogs in the world. It is loved by many because it is strong, obedient and is a good work dog. How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder Owners of the dog love it for its good temperament, loyalty, and reliable nature. Being a big dog, it makes an excellent choice for a guard dog because it protects its owners property and home fiercely.

The German Shepherd is also an intelligent dog that can be trained to perform some complex tasks. It is for this reason that the breed is the preferred choice for police departments all over the world because it can be trained to identify narcotics. If you are considering getting one, you need to find a pure breed to ensure that you get all these great qualities.

There are many people claiming to be legitimate German Shepherd breeders. You, therefore, need to be careful when dealing with the said breeders How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder. Here are some pointers to assist you in identifying a genuine German Shepherd breeder.

How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder

How To Find Good German Shepherd Breeders

Visit their kennels – When you are looking for a breeder, the first sign that you are dealing with a genuine breeder is when they invite you to visit their kennel to see the puppies as well as their mother. The dogs will be kept in good conditions, will be well fed and will also appear healthy. Do not accept to buy your German Shepherd from the cheaper backyard breeders because there are high chances that the dog may not be a pure breed.

Is willing to show you the dog records – Good German Shepherd breeders have all the records of their dogs including the details of vaccinations done by their veterinary. When looking for a pure breed you should ensure that the records you are presented with a tally with those at the dog breeder directory. If you visit a dog breeder that claims they have lost some records, you need to be extremely careful lest you end up spending your hard earned money on an undeserving dog. Worse still, you may buy a dog that is not in good health, and it may end up costing you a lot of money in treatment costs.

Ask for information from your local vet – Due to the nature of their work veterinary officers have a lot of information regarding breeders in your area How To Identify The Right German Shepherd Breeder. Before you embark on a search for breeders, you may want to pay a visit to your local vet who will offer you some useful information on the breeders in the locality. It may also be a good idea to visit the local dog rescue center since they are likely to have a list of dog breeders they work with.

Inquire whether they take their dogs to shows – Any breeder that takes their dogs to the show is a genuine German Shepherd breeder that is not afraid to have their dogs assessed by the experts. If you come across such a breeder, you can confidently purchase a dog from them without a shadow of a doubt.

If you follow the above pointers, you will identify the right German Shepherd Breeder to work with.


Yorkies for Sale!

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yorkiesFor all those of you looking to invest in one of the most sought after breed in the world, we’ve got some Yorkies for sale. These little wonders are among the most popular dog breeds across the globe – and for good reason. So here is a compilation of all that is wonderful and lovable about these adorable pets.

They are small, extremely friendly, and utterly loyal. For those of you who are allergic to fur but love dogs nonetheless, here is some great news – Yorkies have hair, not fur. Moreover, this doesn’t shed either, but it does tend to fall, like all out hair does – especially when bathing. Their hair can grow up to the floor and should be straight all the way through in order to prevent hampering their movement. While this little breed is frequently classified among the ‘toy’ group, Yorkshire terriers are, as the name suggests, terriers. That’s because they have a keen sense of smell and were originally known for hunting small game. In fact, they were also called ‘ratters’ at once point because of their ability to hunt mice. Today, this can be seen in their love for squeaky toys instead.

While, on the upper end, a Yorkie puppy could cost you a tremendous $2000, most of them are available at a more reasonable $600-750. However, if you come across the considerably cheaper options of under $500, let this be a red flag. Dogs at that price normally come with medical issues – so what you don’t pay in their purchase is usually made up for in the consistent vet visitations.

Therefore, whenever you see Yorkies for sale, ensure that you’ve connected with the breeder, done all your background checks, and more to ensure that you’re purchasing from a reliable source. After all, their smaller stature already disposes them to various little problems. For example, their tinier size means that in the case of health issues, they need to be rushed to the vet immediately, unlike larger dogs. So stay vigilant instead and avoid future problems.

These little tykes are sure to win your hearts. Energetic and curious, they can be incredibly smart as well. While they love jumping around, snuggling in cuddly pillows or cuddling in laps is their second favorite activity. Consequently, their little size and compassionate nature makes them great therapy dogs and can also help shy little children gain confidence.

But if you are planning on investing in one of the Yorkies for sale, there are some things to keep in mind. For one, they will require regular grooming, and for another, they aren’t ideal for homes with young children. The Yorkie’s smaller size means that they have weaker bones, which doesn’t prepare them for childhood mischief.

Instead, older kids and adults make great companions. Also, always be extra careful when outdoors – their tinier build makes them easy targets for larger birds of prey. But if you think this would make them terrified of the world, you’ve got it wrong. When threatened, they are known to boldly stand up against animals up to 10 times their size! Loyalty is a crucial ingredient of being a Yorkie, so even if you do end up paying a little extra for these precious companions, it is definitely worth every dime.


How do I take care of the dog after a Maltipoo rescue?

Americans loves owning pets and around 10% of the current American population have more than three dogs in their homes. Some of these dogs have been rescued and live in the 3500 animal shelter homes around the country. If you are a pet owner it would be great if you could bring a Maltipoo dog into your home from a Maltipoo rescue home. However before you bring the dog home understand what care guidelines it needs on a daily basis.

Maltipoo RescueCare Guidelines

•    When you adopt a Maltipoo dog, you have to understand that you have to keep the dog inside. Unlike other dog breeds, this dog cannot stay in a kernel outside during the night or even in a garden patio.

•    These dogs are cute feisty dogs which require tactical handling by their owners. If they are young they have to be trained especially to control their barking. Here you could use the help of a professional dog trainer or train them yourself using simple techniques of play and reward system.

•    If you do not have an active lifestyle, it would be best not to invest in them. A bored Maltipoo dog can be quite troublesome. In fact they are happy when you take them out for walks daily, play with them and undertake minimum 15 minutes of exercise regime daily with them.  The simple ball fetching game is something they love.

•    When undertaking a Maltipoo Rescue you have to understand that this dog breed is very sensitive to its surroundings. Thus if you stay in an apartment or residential area which has strict noise restrictions, it would be best not to take them. Most of the time they have to be trained to control their barking.

Do they have a special diet?

Maltipoo dogs are fed two main meals a day. The quantity of food you feed them daily would depend on certain factors. These factors could be age, size, daily level of activity and current metabolism of the dog’s body. It’s best to invest in a good dog food which would supply him with the basic nutrients that his active body needs.

How do you ensure that he enjoys a good top coat?

Maltipoo dogs do not shed much dander and have a soft woolen top coat. The texture of the hair could be curly or wavy in nature. Most Maltipoo dogs are available in common colors like white, cream and silver. You would need to brush the top coat of the dog daily and wash him once a month.  The hair needs trimming. Here the ears of the dog should also be cleaned to prevent any infection from settling in.

What are the other hygiene tips?

Like other pet dogs, your Maltipoo dog needs his nails to be clipped and maintained well. He also needs his teeth to be brushed at least thrice a weak. This would prevent bacteria formation in his mouth.

Now that you understand the care guidelines well, welcome the lovely Maltipoo dog into your household and make a best friend for a lifetime.

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