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Today in United States they are around 83.3 million dog owners and around 47% of these owners have single dogs in their homes. The maltipoo rescue is a popular dog and the secret behind their popularity lies in the fact that these dogs make gentle companions and are used by experts as therapy dogs. However despite these adorable qualities, they are many Maltipoo dogs which land maltipoo rescue dogs for adoption up in shelters abandoned by their owners for various reasons. Many kind dog lovers undertake a  project and bring these dogs into their homes as pet. In case you are planning to adopt one they are certain things that you need to know about the Maltipoo breed, so that you do not face any unwanted hassle later on.

Why are they called designers dogs?

When reading about the maltipoo rescue dogs, you have to know that they were created by humans. Therefore they are commonly known as designer dogs.

What are the general characteristics about this dog?

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•    Hypoallergenic dogs-The Maltipoo breed was created after cross breeding the Toy Poodle and the Maltese breed. Both these dogs breeds are non-shedders and thus the Maltipoo dogs are hypoallergenic dogs. This factor is very beneficial if you suffer from dust and dog danger allergies. However most experts would recommend that you spend some time with the dog and check whether you develop allergic reactions or not and then take the Maltipoo dog home.

•    Very active dog- Before undertaking a Maltipoo Rescue dog it is very essential that you understate the nature of the dog and whether it would fit with your current lifestyle. Young Maltipoo dogs love running around the house and going out for long walks. This feisty character would be loved by a large family filled with young children. However they could be cumbersome for retired geriatric couples.

•    Great for first time owners- They are many dog owners who are quite timid in nature. Here the Maltipoo dog would be an ideal dog to own, as they are easy to train and learn simple routines easily without much fuss. These loving dogs are also sensitive and can gage a person’s wants and needs easily.

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•    Very adaptable nature- You have to search for some time before you find a Maltipoo in a Maltipoo rescue for life home. This is because these dogs are very adaptable in nature and can stay comfortable in a home or an apartment. In fact they love the family they live with and are picked up by dog owners who are looking to shelter dogs in their homes.

•    Sensitive to surroundings- When you have a Maltipoo dog in your home, you can be assured that you will be notified if there is a slight change in the environment. These dogs are very sensitive of their surroundings and could be an ideal watch dog. Here you have to train them in an organized manner regarding when to bark and when not to bark.

•    Love kids- One of the problems faced by dog lovers is whether the dog would be able to adjust with their young children. This problem will not be faced by a person who brings in a Maltipoo dog into a family having young children. Maltipoo dogs love children and like playing with them. However dog handlers would recommend a child of 6 years and above, as they require proper handling on a daily basis.

•    Suffer from anxiety separation- A Maltipoo dogs loves spending time with their families. They suffer from anxiety separation, if the family or its master is away for long durations. This makes them nervous and moody.

•    Small sized dogs- The Maltipoo dog is small in size and could be around eight to fourteen inches in height. They would also weigh up to 20 pounds to the maximum.

Do they suffer from any health conditions?

The health of a dog plays an important role when you are rescuing him from a shelter home. Here it is important that teacup maltipoo you understand a few facts here. As the Maltipoo dogs are cross breed, they sometimes develop what is known as White Shaker- Syndrome. When your dog suffers from White Shaker- Syndrome then his entire body would suffer from tremors and he would loss control over his body. Apart from this your Maltipoo dog might suffer from epilepsy and Patellar Luxation. It’s best to take the advice of the vet when your dogs face the above problems.